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Trying to sell a home while still living in it can be both stressful and time consuming. One of the necessary steps in these cases is depersonalizing the home to make it attractive and appealing to potential buyers. Still, it can be difficult or even painful for a homeowner to detach himself or herself emotionally from a house that has been home for a number a years. Keeping a home the way the family is comfortable with it, though, could make it hard for potential buyers to see beyond its current state.


With Lisa's Home Staging of Atlanta GA, we will work on your furnishings and other home accessories to maximize your home's assets and marketability, whilst allowing you to live comfortably in it during the selling period until it gets sold. Our goal will be to showcase your home objectively, and in a way that appeals to buyers' tastes, in order to sell it as quickly as possible! Our level of staging assistance is such that we work with our clients on every level which should fit their preferences and their allowable budget.


Staging Services Design and Consultation


In staging your home, the first step is to schedule a design consultation with our staging services. The staging consultation aims to determine the integral enhancement features in order to sell your home at the highest possible value. Consultations provide the opportunity to discuss priorities and considerations such as curb appeal, rooms evaluation, and backyard feedback. We may take an hour or two in our meeting to walk you through your spaces and discuss everything for your project goals and design needs. We will make the proper and extensive recommendations and enhancements that would help showcase your home's best-selling points, appealing to a wide array of potential buyers.


Depending on specific project needs, we may include recommendations to it with respect to the following:


  • Office after-staging consultation with Lisa's Home Staging of Altanta, GA
  • Neutralizing and decluttering personal items
  • Item repositioning, including furniture items, accessories, artwork, etc...
  • Discussions for specific and attractive paint schemes
  • Lighting alternatives and atmosphere/feel suggestions
  • Suggestions for accessory needs and valuable tips on item types that are ideal for a better showcasing of the spaces you have for the online property photos.


Staging Report: Recommendations


We'll follow up after the meetings with our detailed written report that lists all options and items that we discussed during the consultation period. This defines the steps needed to stage your home for selling to the best paying customers!


Implementing Staging Recommendations


Depending on the budget and needs, the ideal recommendations can be adjusted, and we can do all, part, or none of the actual implementation. While this may mean the implementation may not match every detail of the recommendations, we ensure that every minute and each penny provides as much value as possible.


The DIY Approach


Some homeowners would rather have just the home staging service consultation and then try to adapt a staging from these ideas by themselves utilizing the Staging Report of Recommendations all on their own. This is a great option for "Do It Yourself" homeowners who have the time to handle their own staging but just need a little direction to get started.


Standard Staging Services:


If the home is in fairly good condition by itself and just lacks the "WOW" factor for the online property listing, we are able to help you achieve that our Standard Staging Service based on suggestions from the Staging Report of Recommendations. This includes space optimization and cost effectiveness by making use of what you already have inside your home. We provide decluttering, selection of personal items, repositioning of furniture and accessories, and recommend potential furnishings in preparation for the photos taken for the online property listing.


Our standard staging services usually start at $500. A standard staging project can be completed for 1-2 rooms in about half a day at only roughly $500. A standard project for a whole house can be completed in about 2 days for roughly $1500. Because no two projects are the same, we bill every staging on an hourly basis.


A Comprehensive Staging Service Package


Move-in ready properties typically sell faster. It is therefore imperative for home sellers to showcase their property in terms that the potential buyer can relate to, allowing them to envision themselves living in that property without the need for any extra improvement. In addition using items already in the home to achieve this through repositioning, homeowners may also opt to supplement these furnishings by renting selected premium items from our warehouse in order to create a breathtaking first impression in online property listing photos. Unlike some of our competitors, who typically require a 3-month minimum for renting our premium furnishings, we at Lisa's Home Staging of Atlanta GA do not require. Our items can be rented on a monthly basis from our exclusive warehouses of quality inventory items. We can also provide you with a personal shopping service to purchase your own selected items.


There are some homeowners who like to take things a step further - improving current home conditions for sale preparation. Such improvements may be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint or as extensive as renewing flooring, new appliances, comfortable lighting, kitchen remodelling, or bathroom renovation. Even in these cases, remodels can be cost effective. Providing a "move-in ready" appearance, along with the value of a recent remodel means the house will sell more quickly. Since the longer a house is on the market, the higher the probability and extent of price reductions, preparing a home to sell faster is often less expensive than the first price reduction.


At Lisa's Home Staging of Atlanta GA offer a range of specialized services to assist with the following:


  • Selecting and purchasing of flooring as well as staging for top-dollar value
  • Purchasing and selection of appliances
  • Purchasing and selection of lighting equipment or fixtures
  • Assistance for kitchen remodeling, including appliances, cabinets, backsplashes, etc...
  • Bathroom remodeling and furnishing assistance
  • Personalized shopping services for your convenience
  • Item rental from our high quality warehouse (includes furniture, artwork, lighting, and other furnishings)


We will provide the additional quote for these services based on each project's unique needs. This will enable us to fully document and understand the project's priorities and needs in line with the budget so we can exceed your excellence expectations!


We do all the design work ourselves, but should the project require services from electrical, plumbing, or other areas of expertise, we are more than happy to be able to provide contractors from our extensive referral network, or you can use your own contractor. We will be glad to work with whomever you select for your unique design specifications. We offer you the flexibility to choose based on your preferences.


To take the first step in maximizing the selling potential of your home through staging, please call us anytime at 404-490-9657 to schedule a design consultation.





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