Are potential buyers having a hard time seeing themselves living in your home? Only about 10% of buyers can actually picture a home's potential. Buyers especially struggle to realize the potential of a property if it is vacant. They might not be able to picture how their furniture, plants, and personal items could be set up in the empty space.


Also, many buyers may look at an empty room and wonder what the purpose of it is. For example, they might be wondering if an empty room is meant to be a spare room, serves as the master bedroom, or functions best as a den or office. This can affect the emotional factor, as our professionals at Lisa's Home Staging of Atlanta GA explain below.


The Emotional Factor In Purchasing A Home


When people become emotionally attached to a home, then they are more likely to buy it. However, many people find it difficult to become emotionally attached to a home that is empty. Seeing only walls, a ceiling, and the floor makes the property feel simply like a building, not a family home. Thus, staging an empty home can be even more crucial than staging an occupied home.


We can help you with staging an empty home, and we have a warehouse filled with inventory. We can furnish just a few of your rooms or the entire property, depending on your goals, budget, and needs, including outdoor spaces.


There are two ways to handle empty home stagings, so choose the one that best meets your needs.


The two methods we offer for vacant homes are the complimentary vacant home bid and the design consultation.


Complimentary Vacant Home Bid


Some homeowners have homes that are in great condition, they just happened to be empty. You can browse our inventory and choose pieces that will fill your property's empty spaces. The right amount of inventory matters, as you want to take that empty space and turn it into something potential buyers find attractive.


You will be pleased to know that you will be able to view recommended inventory items via the complimentary bid list that we provide to you. All these items are available to rent, including furniture, big screen TVs (replicas), rugs, accent tables, lighting fixtures and much more. We don't require a three-month contract, and we want your property to sell quickly. Therefore, we don't mind renting our items on a monthly basis to help you save money.


Some homeowners may want to improve the condition of their home by doing things such as adding some fresh paint, replacing the flooring, or remodeling an area like the kitchen or bathrooms. For these situations, we can provide suggested colors, help with selection of new appliances or flooring, and oversee remodeling projects. Other homeowners may want to have updated appliances, or refinished flooring and lighting fixtures and things of that nature. Your home should be move-in ready or look like it, because if it doesn't, then chances are it won't sell as fast as you hope it will sell. Eventually you may reduce the price of your home because of how long it sits on the market. This is why prepping your home is important, and instead of reducing the asking price of your property, have it staged and increase your chances of selling it quickly.


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